Titan of the Automotive Industry Calls for Enhanced Support from the Local Curabitur

Mehmet Sonmez, YRL General Manager Head of Toyota Business Unit Europe
Mehmet Sonmez, YRL General Manager Head of Toyota Business Unit Europe

With 9000 employees in Romania, Yazaki Romania is the biggest of all companies of the Yazaki group in Europe. As titans in the automotive industry, Yazaki Romania has 8000 employees who work for electrical wire harnesses in the automotive industry, operating in four plants – two in Prahova county, one in Urlati, and one in Braila, whereas the other 1000 work in Arad (Yazaki Component Technology) at the electrical equipment factory. Yazaki is especially proud to be the world’s largest producer of wiring harnesses and customer satisfaction is thereby their primary focus and the foundation for their good business results.

Yazaki Europe has 35 000 employees working in 11 production centres in Europe, and the Romania branch is proud that 1/3 of the total number of people are employed in Romania. “The people are our most important assets”, Mehmet Sonmez, General Manager emphasizes.

Mirela Ciutacu, HR & GA Director
Mirela Ciutacu, HR & GA Director

“We want to keep our business as much as possible in Romania. We are committed to the market and invest a lot in people’s knowledge and motivation. Our people are very qualified, committed and engaged”, Mehmet Sonmez adds. Besides attaining to the needs of the country, Yazaki Romania also exports equipment to Germany, Czech Republic, England, France and Russia.

“Romania is a good place to invest in since here we have a high level of safety, a stable country and an educated workforce” Mehmet Sonmez points out. However, he also addresses the need for support from the local authorities. “We see some risks for the future that we want to bring to authorities’ attention. Level of salaries will increase in the future but we might have problem with getting employees as people are going to work outside of Romania. Also, they should focus on motivating both current and future investors. Our doors are always open and we are willing to communicate about this issue as resolving it will help everybody, however we are in need of further support and incentives”, Mehmet Sonmez highlights.

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