WURTH Group – global leader and desired logistic business partner

The international Wurth group, founded in Germany in 1945, has steadily grown over the years and now has operations in more than 80 countries serving more than three million customers worldwide. The company has developed an extensive product portfolio which includes fasteners, anchors, safety equipment, a wide range of products for the construction sector, ZEBRA® hand tools, master® Power tools, products for the automotive, metal, maintenance and wood industries, among others. Aleksandar Papes, Managing Director of Wurth Macedonia, points out, “All our products have one key role: optimisation of processes at companies using them.”

Wurth has been present in Macedonia since 1995 and has positioned itself as a supplier of high-quality products. Aleksandar Papes says, “Our path has not been easy since most customers choose lower prices over quality, but we are doing our best to show that the quality of our products can actually optimise business processes.” The message is getting across, because Wurth Macedonia has grown to become one of the biggest enterprises in the country and is set to achieve double-digit growth this year. The company is well known for its technologically advanced energy-efficiency solutions, crucial tools in a country where climatic conditions can be challenging.


Wurth Macedonia’s main customers are other enterprises, including major foreign investors. Aleksandar Papes explains, “For the past 70 years, the Wurth Group has focused on B2B services, and our highly trained sales personnel go directly to our customers to demonstrate our solutions. We can reach any customer in the country within several hours. We are also available to our clients by telephone, online and through social networks. Wurth distinguishes itself from competitors by offering complete services which are tailor-made for each customer’s needs. We aim to be known as the preferred solutions-provider for large systems here in Macedonia.”

Wurth Macedonia DOOEL
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Tel: +389 2 272 80 80
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