Rector Highlights University’s Dynamism and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rector Cezar Ionut Spinu
Rector Cezar Ionut Spinu

The University of Craiova is ranked one of Romania’s top universities. Specialising in world-class education and research in many fields, the university is a preferred source of human resources for companies operating in fast-growing Craiova and the surrounding region. Rector Cezar Ionut Spinu discusses the university’s strong points and its advantages as an international partner.

European Times: What are some highlights of your professional career?

Cezar Ionut Spinu: I obtained a diploma in chemistry at the University of Bucharest in 1993 and I began my teaching career at the University of Craiova that same year. As I rose in the ranks of professors, I also developed my managerial expertise. For example, I served as the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry between 2008 and 2012 and as the Pro-Rector of the University of Craiova between 2012 and 2016. I was named Rector of the university this spring.

European Times: What makes the university one of Romania’s leading educational institutions?

Cezar Ionut Spinu: The University of Craiova’s biggest advantage is its extremely professional, motivated and capable people. The university has also had extensive experience with EU-funded projects and has established partnerships with many organisations in Romania and abroad. When companies set up operations in Craiova’s industrial park, the first place they come to get high-quality human resources is our university. Craiova is an outstanding place to invest and live in, and the university is here to deliver well trained young people.

European Times: What is the university’s history?

Cezar Ionut Spinu: This university has always supported a strong connection between academia and the local economy. It has also continuously invested in the future. Our EU-funded research centre is truly state-of-the-art, and so are other facilities, including our three-star dormitories.

European Times: What about international partnerships?

Cezar Ionut Spinu: We have signed a number of cooperation agreements for research activities and we are working with many leading local and foreign companies. I just met with a large ICT company which wants to work with us. Forging productive partnerships is the most important factor in my vision for the university. I want us to become a truly entrepreneurial university.

European Times: What is your personal message to international investors and students about why they should choose the University of Craiova?

Cezar Ionut Spinu: Education has always been a priority in Romania and is very high quality. As for the University of Craiova, this is a university with a long tradition as well as a very dynamic, international, future-oriented outlook.