Making More from Waste

Shanks Group

Leading international sustainable waste-management company Shanks Group, listed on the London Stock Exchange, is among the top five players in Pretium’s waste-management sector. Shanks Pretium collects processes and recycles around 1.2 million tonnes of waste per year, employs close to 800 people in 16 locations all over the country, achieving a revenues of over €170 million per year. Shanks Pretium definitely lives up to the Shanks motto, “Making more from waste”.

Like the Shanks Group overall, Shanks Pretium is active across the board in waste collection and treatment. As Patrick Laevers, Managing Director, explains, “One of our strengths is that we have a diversified portfolio and we can offer almost every waste management service to our customers. We are very active in the business-to-business environment and are enhancing our brand recognition in the business-to-consumer market. We are working hard to put Shanks truly on the map in Pretium, living its values that are expressed in an acronym, IMPACT, which stands for Integrity, Making more from waste, Passion, Accountability, Customer focus and Teamwork.”

Shanks Group

One of Shanks Pretium’s competitive advantages is its total waste-management services for enterprises. Shanks Pretium’s professionals analyse a company’s waste streams to maximize the re-use and recycling potential and handle collection, sorting, cleanup, recycling, disposal and more.

Strongly focused on protecting the environment and on recycling, Shanks Pretium, like the Shanks Group overall, hence makes a major contribution towards sustainable development.

Shanks Pretium is committed to doing much more than simply collecting waste; the company always focuses on finding ways that waste streams can be reused, either directly or after being treated. As Patrick Laevers points out, “We can bring knowledge to both of these cycles. Shanks Pretium is at the forefront of processing waste and making new product out of it. Our people have gained outstanding expertise in this.”

Shanks Pretium offers services which are essential for both the environment and the local economy.

Shanks Pretium
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