Rwashoscco – Cooperating for Growth

A cooperative coffee producer with grand ambitions, Rwashoscco is emerging as a leading brand of quality in 21st century Rwanda. “We want to be the main company here in Rwanda and we want to show that Rwanda can produce more than it already has, but most importantly that it can produce quality,” says Angelique Karekezi, Managing Director of the company. “We want to present a positive image of our country, and what we can produce.

Exporting success

The company has already had positive results. Rwashoscco is an exporting company owned by six cooperatives producing roasted and green coffee throughout the country, Rwashoscco has already penetrated the lucrative European, Asian and American markets while providing work for 13,600 farmers. With USAID financing support, the exporter has built a strong network of coffee stations and important mechanisms for quality assurance including testing laboratories.

A bright future

Rwashoscco currently has an export capacity of 45 containers; however it is not resting on its laurels. Indeed, with export levels reaching just over 70% of capacity this year, there is still ample scope for growth. Karekezi predicts growth in turnover of 2% in 2015. But for Rwashoscco, it is not simply about quantity. As Angelique Karekezi says, “We have a strong commitment to continue to produce coffee of exceptional quality. This can be seen by the Let’s Talk Coffee’ quality award received in Panama 2014 for great coffee exported from Maraba, Karaba and Musasa cooperatives.” 

Angelique Karekezi, Managing Director
Angelique Karekezi, Managing Director

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