Bringing World Class Medicines to Patients

Ala Ciobanu, General Manager
Ala Ciobanu, General Manager

Global group F. Hoffmann – La Roche (Roche), the Switzerland based international leader in biotechnological treatments, set up a representative office in Ukraine in 1998 and has steadily expanded its business there ever since. General Manager Ala Ciobanu says that Roche Ukraine LLC was launched in 2009 and in November this year it started local sales. She explains, “Roche Ukraine LLC is now a fullyfledged affiliate of the Roche group. We have warehouses which meet the global Group’s standards and we meet all the necessary international criteria in business handling. This is a major accomplishment.”

Roche Ukraine proves that a Ukrainian company can succeed without resorting to corruption and bribes. Ala Ciobanu comments, “Roche Ukraine is a highly ethical company and at the beginning people were shocked by this approach to doing business, but Ukraine is changing. If you work hard and strive for excellence while keeping a distance from corruption, people respect you here for this.”

Roche Ukraine has brought all Roche’s well known products to the Ukrainian market, including innovative treatments for cancer, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and transplants.

Roche Ukraine now has 37 products in its portfolio, with five new products currently undergoing the registration process. “Ukraine has implemented the highest standards in drug regulations and is now in group A of countries concerning the requirements for registering new drugs,” Ala Ciobanu explains.

Putting patients first

Roche Ukraine works closely with the Ukrainian healthcare system managing to deliver a product within 48 hours at the government’s request, thus saving many lives. Ala Ciobanu explains, “We collaborate with the healthcare institutions, but for us the patient always comes first. Roche medicines are highly innovative and most of them are intended for targeted therapies. To deliver the information about our medicines to physicians, we participate in medical conferences and organise educational activities for doctors. We do our best to provide the adequate treatment for every patient.”

Roche has made a long term commitment to Ukraine. Ala Ciobanu explains, “Our two major tasks are to build up a good image of Roche in Ukraine and a good image of Ukraine in Roche. Ukraine is an emerging market. Development of this market is a priority of the social policy realised by the Ukrainian government. I’m sure that implementation of the worldwide modern standards and principles of business in Ukraine will allow us to achieve significant results.”

Roche Ukraine demonstrates the potential of Ukraine as an investment opportunity, Ala Ciobanu believes. To prospective investors, she says, “You should not be afraid to come to Ukraine. There is high complexity of this market but at the same time it is possible to be really successful here.”

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