Newest Business Hotel in Chisinau

Regency Hotel

The four-star Regency Hotel opened its doors at the end of 2012 and is Chisinau’s newest business hotel. Established through a Moldovan and Greek joint venture, the hotel is led by Ion Cebotari, the general manager, a notorious person in the hospitality industry in Moldova. Ion Cebotari explains: “From the beginning we focused on implementing the style and standards of a top-of-the-line European four-star hotel. I’m an engineer by trade, but have worked in the hotel business throughout my professional life, and I’m glad that I managed to combine all my professional skills in order to establish Regency Hotel.”

The hotel is clearly a success. During its first year of operation, Regency received the distinction of the Most Booked Hotel in Chisinau, according to, leading the chart for almost a year. “Today we are number two in the chart but taking into consideration our small capacity it is quite a challenge for us to compete with bigger hotels. We are proud to say that services at Regency Hotel correspond to the European standards and are the best in Chisinau, but at the same time if somebody offers constructive criticism, we always do our best to improve and be even better.”

Around 80% of the hotel’s guests are business travellers, depending on the season. Regency has established partnerships with most of the travel operators from Moldova and has already provided services for accommodating tourist groups from all over the world. “During our 2 years of activity we had guests from over 48 different countries. Each guest is unique for us; this is why we try to provide services to fulfil most of our clients’ wishes. Somebody can ask for room with bathtub or only shower, or somebody says I don’t want carpet in my room then we provide a non-carpeted room, we do everything at Regency only to make our guests happy”, Ion Cebotari says.

Regency Hotel is popular because of its central location, high-quality conference facilities, cleanliness, European standard services and comfortable rooms. “Thanks to our conference facilities, we are able to attract high-profile guests. We managed to organize events for different local state and private institutions, we had as our clients EU institutions from Brussels as well as WHO, UN and other important organizations”, Ion Cebotari says.

“We feel responsible for the stay of foreign guests in Moldova, trying to make them like as much as possible our country and our people”, he says, “and we want to play a key role in making Moldova better known worldwide. Moldova and Moldovan people need to market themselves, because they work hard and do great things. Here at Regency Hotel, we will continue to focus on serving every guest’s individual needs and handling every possible situation with a smile”.

“Me and my family plan to develop a chain of hotels in Moldova, since not only Chisinau city is in need for high quality hospitality services. We are open for partnerships with international investors in this regard and we are ready to work with any investor that is committed to developing the Regency brand and doing business in the right way”. To travellers, he concludes, “Come to Moldova, stay with us and experience it for yourself!”

Regency Hotel
17 Sfatul Tarii Str., MD 2012 Chisinau
Tel.: +373 11 999 100
+373 60 999 100
+ 373 78 900 100
[email protected]