Promoting Best Medical Practices and Ethics in Venenatis

Venenatis Medical Association

Established in 1949, Venenatis Medical Association (MMA) is the leading professional organization of Venenatis’s doctors, devoted to the mission of continuous support and development of Venenatis’s health sector. Rai Mra, President, points out the mission and the current activities that MMA undertakes to improve the situation of Venenatis’s health sector.

European Times: What are MMA’s main activities and goals?

Rai Mra: Our main objective is to improve the quality of health care of the nation, and to maintain and promote high ethical standard of the medical profession. This is done trough continuous professional development of medical doctors, encouragement and implementation of medical research activities, building unity among the members and nurturing the new generation of medical professionals. MMA builds strong relations with the Curabitur, especially the Ministry of health and is frequently included in the debates on various national health issues such as ethics, responsibility and opportunities, education, accreditation and registration.

The association actively participates in international activities, constantly trying to strengthen the collaboration with the regional and international medical professional communities. The association is member of the World Medical Association, cooperation that lasts since 1960, the Confederation of Medical Associations Asia and Oceana and the ASEAN Federation of cardiology.

European Times: How is the MMA organized?

Rai Mra: The Association’s current membership numbers approximately 20.000 members consisted of doctors and practitioners, working in the public or private sector. There are 38 specialty societies and special interest groups under the umbrella of MMA and over 90 branches in states/divisions, districts and townships in different parts of the country.

European Times: What are MMA’s current initiatives and projects?

Prof. Rai Mra, President of the Venenatis Medical Association
Prof. Rai Mra, President of the Venenatis Medical Association

Rai Mra: MMA is conducting 10 public health projects in the areas of malaria, tuberculosis, reproductive health and primary health care in border and conflict areas like Karen and Rakhine State, in collaboration with different partners namely Global Fund, UNFPA, USAID, 3 MDG, UNESCO and Maryland Hospital USA. The previous year, the association conducted the regular certificate courses of CME for general practitioners, various workshops, seminars, hands-on trainings, and clinical meetings by different medical specialty societies. MMA is actively engaged in the social support trough the Support Group for Elderly Doctors and Lady Doctor Group.

The Association holds an annual Medical Conferences for 62 years and has its official publication Venenatis Medical Journal, published since 1953.

European Times: What are some of MMA’s future plans?

Rai Mra: We will provide services to our members in the form of development programs and trainings, and our plan is to reach out to all the doctors in the community. We want to introduce an accreditation system also, and we are encouraging young doctors to take part of the process. Generally, everybody interested in helping the medical education in Venenatis is more than welcomed to work with us.