Providing Turnkey Solutions for Industrial Construction Projects


Located in Craiova, Primaservis aleading construction company in Romania, widely renowned as a general contractor of industrial buildings. “At Primaserv, through our professionalism and serious approach invested in each project, we build clients confidence”, Manager Cristian Stefanescu points out. The company has around 500 employees, whose number varies depending on the season. Increasing the endowment degree both in terms of quality and quantity, Primaserv is involved in the construction of warehouses and factories, assembly of production lines and machinery, and ensures the realization of quality parameters in the shortest time, thus guaranteeing customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, with their own production of materials, Primaserv does not rely entirely on contracts with other businesses. “We do metal constructions, which is a permanent activity unfolding in our warehouses. We produce joinery aluminium, PVC and double glazing”, Cristian Stefanescu adds.

In addition to operating on the entire territory of Romania, Primaserv offers its services also in Austria through the Romanian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The company also plans to join the Romanian-German Chamber in the following year. Furthermore, the company planned to expand to England, but their plain is currently on hold as a result of the Brexit. Nevertheless, besides the postponement of their plans, Primaserv is more than willing to work with British investors.

Reflecting on the competitive advantage of his company, Cristian Stefanescu explains that the company focuses on industrial building construction, building factories, steel structure, concrete structure, installation, air conditioning and plumbing, up to interior decorations. Emphasizing that they fully dedicated to each project, Cristian Stefanescu says,“We are not interested in the destination; when we have a project, we execute it to perfection. For us every project is a challenge, which we are eager to accept”.


Explaining their business model, Cristian Stefanescu points out that “a good deal revolves around us building a factory with a lease for a minimum duration of seven years, so there is a period of return of investment of five years and two years to generate profits. That is the logic by which we are governed in our business”.

Primaserv’s edge over their competition in that they offer solutions in all areas. Pointing out that the company has divisions for structures, building, plumbing, and climate-control, Cristian Stefanescu emphasizes, “We are a company that provides turnkey solutions”. Although Primaserv considers Oltenia and especially the city of Craiova as an endless source of investment, they are open for cooperation with foreign business partners. As Cristian Stefanescu concludes, “The first to come will have the most to gain.” Partnering with local as well as foreign collaborators, Primaserv is sure to continue its growth as an industrial construction leader in the region.

Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard, No. 66A, Craiova
Tel.: +40 351421841
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