Panasonic offers the best energy-saving technology and service in Ukraine

Koji Terajima, Managing Director
Koji Terajima, Managing Director

Panasonic is a long term player in the Ukrainian market, where the global electronics leader established a representative office in 1996. Panasonic Ukraine Ltd. opened earlier last year.

“We opened our new company here to better serve customers in Ukraine. Panasonic has been achieving remarkable results in Ukraine, particularly since 2010 when demand for electronic technology began to grow again after the crisis,” explains Koji Terajima, Managing Director. Panasonic’s success in Ukraine will certainly encourage other Japanese groups to invest here.

Panasonic provides a full range of electronic products for individual and corporate customers in Ukraine, from TVs and home appliances to professional equipment to meet business needs. Panasonic has a strong commitment to promoting energy saving technology. For example, Koji Terajima says, “We have been selling air conditioners for more than 15 years. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, so we are always promoting the ‘inverter’ type, which can drastically cut the consumption of electricity. That way consumers save money and the country uses less electricity. Panasonic is a leader in the electronic industry in Japan, where we are facing our own Chernobyl. We will continue to provide Ukraine with the latest energy-saving electronic technology.”

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