Leading Garment Manufacturer Committed to High Quality

Manager Bojana Milenkovska
Manager Bojana Milenkovska

Okitex, the Macedonian leader in manufacturing women’s garments, has established a global reputation for its exceptional quality and serves as a benchmark for international standards in the Macedonian textiles industry. With some 500 workers and 12 production lines in its manufacturing facilities in Skopje, Okitex specialises in producing and exporting elegant modern apparel. Its customers include top global fashion brands Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Manager Bojana Milenkovska explains, “From the beginning we have focused on high-quality garments, and we have a strong team of experts as well as the latest equipment and technologies. We offer flexibility, reliability and on-time delivery, and we can handle small production runs quickly.” Okitex’s services include customs clearing, technical supervision, communication with forwarding agencies and more. In 1999, Okitex established a sister company, Westfra, in Germany to handle customer relations and other services, particularly in Germany and Italy.

Okitex supports several corporate-social-responsibility initiatives, provides pre-school and free breakfasts for its employees and is planning an employee health centre, and even has a prize-winning garden. To potential investors in Macedonia, Bojana Milenkovska concludes, “This country has many investment opportunities, and the textiles industry offers significant potential.” Okitex has made a name for Macedonia as a source for world-class garments.

50. Divizija No.12
1000 Skopje
Tel: +389 2 3296 235