Dynamic Construction Firm Helping to Build Tomorrow’s Argentina

Flavio Faria, Managing Director
Flavio Faria, Managing Director

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (Odebrecht Construction), headquartered in Brazil, has a presence in 11 countries and has been operating in Argentina since 1987. Odebrecht is known for its decentralised structure which gives each company in the group autonomy, as well as for its support of community service projects. Odebrecht has made a long-term commitment to Argentina where it has been steadily expanding its range of activities.

Odebrecht is a well-established leader in Argentina’s construction sector. As Flavio Faria, Managing Director, explains, “We have completed many types of projects, from a hydroelectric plant in Patagonia to major roads (including the western access road to Buenos Aires), gas pipelines, a water treatment plant north of Buenos Aires, and others.”

Odebrecht completes projects for both the public and private sectors and has earned a strong reputation for quality and reliability. One recent project is the Southern and Northern Gas Pipelines, part of the Firm Gas Transportation Capacity Expansion Programme which involves installing a new network of gas pipelines running from north to south in Argentine territory by 2010.

Odebrecht is responsible for installing a total of 1,665 km of pipelines and 15 Compression Plants, which will increase Argentina’s fuel transportation capacity by roughly 13 million cubic m per day.

Another of Odebrecht’s recent projects in Argentina (as a joint venture with Iecsa, from Argentina; Ghella, from Italy; and Comsa, from Spain) is the retrofitting of an 11-km section of the Sarmiento railway – a US$1.2-billion (€861.3-million) contract. One of
the most important in Buenos Aires, this surface railway will be moved underground to become a world-class mass transit link.

Long-term commitment to Argentina

Odebrecht has proven its commitment to Argentina. Flavio Faria says, “We have had some very down periods here since 1987 but we have never left. In addition, in line with the policy of the Odebrecht group worldwide, we have launched many corporate social responsibility programmes in Argentina, including an information technology project for a local community. We touch a lot of communities through a lot of small projects, and we are also an active member of the Argentine Council for Sustainable Development.”

The company also helps boost the Argentine economy through partnering with the government to generate jobs, solve energy problems, find solutions to water supply problems, and meet other challenges. “Our focus is to do business here in Argentina through working productively with the public and private sectors and with local communities,” Flavio Faria concludes.

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