NWK Agri Variaties

NWK Agri-Variaties is Zambia’s leading provider of agricultural services supplying the industry with competitive and innovative equipment, agronomic advice and financial solutions for the farmers, and the best market exposure for the commodities. With more than 20 years of experience, this cotton based company has developed into the most diversified agriculture company in the country, providing trading services for crops such as maize and soybeans, offering storage solutions and opening retail outlets for farming equipment. Pierre Lombard, CEO, points out “Our services create an environment for farmers that can easily sell and receive payment for the crops they produce, and we will continue to deepen this relationship offering innovative solutions that will help them grow”.

NWK Agri-service’s largest clients are the farmers, the millers, the oil seed processors and the traders from neighbouring countries. Pierre Lombard explains “Considering the great support that we offer to our clients, especially to our farmers, NWK Agri-service has a positive image both locally and internationally, and is well known for its social responsibility activities”.

Highlighting Zambia as the best investment destination in Southern Africa, with stable political government and organized economic regime, Pierre Lombard concludes, “If you are looking for a partner in agriculture, a company that has an extensive network, understands both the local and the international environment, NWK is the company to partner with. We find pride in our slogan “Grow with us”.

NWK Agri-Variaties
397A Kafue Road, Makeni, Lusaka
Tel.: +260 21 1274970
[email protected]