Leading Security Company Specialises in Integrated Security Variaties

Nikob Security, Macedonia’s first registered security company, is a benchmark for other companies in its field. Nikob Security is Macedonia’s only provider of integrated security services, including monitoring with patrol units, transport of money and precious goods, installation of security systems, and physical security.

In 2010, Nikob Security became part of the Bulgarian SOT 161 group, the regional leader, and can draw on the group’s know-how. Over the past two years, Nikob Security has been the target of around €2.5 million in investments in new equipment, facilities and technologies – the largest investment in Macedonia’s security industry in the past decade.

Nikob Security
Nikob Security

Kiril Lazarov, General Manager, explains, “Nikob Security meets all EU standards and has a client list which includes the biggest companies in Macedonia, such as major banks, the biggest telecom operator, the only electricity distributor, the biggest foreign Greenfield investment and others. Nikob Security is also the only security company in Macedonia, which handles security for embassies and consulates. We cooperate with leading international security agencies.”

Nikob Security welcomes the chance to serve international investors in Macedonia. Kiril Lazarov says, “Nikob Security is the only security company in Macedonia offering integrated security services, which means our customers save money with us. We have highly educated and trained staff, high-tech radio-communication infrastructure, we work closely with leading security systems manufactures, cover the entire country and have 20 years of experience – which ensures our company remains the undisputed leader in our country.”

4 Kairska st. – 1000 Skopje
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