Dynamic Investment Group Seeking Partners

Multisector Investment Group (MIG) plays a key role in the development of Rwanda’s former Gikongoro province. Set up with the support of Rwanda’s President, MIG identifies investment opportunities in the province in order to encourage business development and job creation. MIG’s first project was four coffee-washing stations designed to improve the quality of Rwandan coffee as well as provide new employment opportunities for locals.

Then MIG launched a similar initiative for local honey. Managing Director Vincent Ngarambe explains, “Now we are exporting coffee to the US and we supply honey to all the supermarkets in Rwanda. We are aiming for ISO 1100 certification to export honey to the EU.” In fact, MIG has a 70% share of the Rwandan honey market. Being active in the tea sector as well, MIG operates one of the biggest tea-processing facilities in Rwanda.

Looking to the future, Vincent Ngarambe aims for MIG to launch tourism development projects such as community based, tea plantation integrated resort in the Southern Province, around Nyungwe National Park. Vincent Ngarambe concludes, “There are many niche tourism products in the south region and we welcome partners who are willing to utilize on those opportunities thus help diversify and expand Rwanda’s tourism.”

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