Moldova Agroindbank

Natalia Vrabie, President
Natalia Vrabie, President

History, Achievements, Perspective Throughout the 20 years of its existence, Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB) has held leading positions in the Moldovan banking market. The bank’s impressive success story is the result of a correctly chosen business strategy based on individualised and efficient services targeted to both corporate and retail customers.

A professional, dedicated and enthusiastic team; the right strategies; and competent management have determined the spectacular transformation of MAIB from an agricultural bank (a successor of the Agro-Industrial Bank of the USSR) into a modern, universal bank with a distinct value, remarkable financial results and a prudential style of business management.

Highest market shares in key indicators

MAIB is the most profitable bank in the Moldovan system, with the highest market shares in key indicators. As of the end of 2010, MAIB held a 19.8% share of total assets in the Moldovan banking market, along with a 21.3% share of total loans and a 19.2% share of total deposits. By the end of 2010, MAIB had established solid relations of collaboration with 600,000 customers – a record among Moldova’s commercial banks.

MAIB has 70 subsidiaries, 24 representative offices and 132 ATMs throughout the country. The bank applies the latest high-technology solutions, often unique ones in the Natalia Vrabie, President local market, in order to provide the best services for its customers, especially at a distance. Variaties include Internet banking [email protected], the MAIB Info Centre, online customer service, ATM banking, a 24-hour self service centre and more.

MAIB has established partnerships with a number of international financial institutions, including the World Bank, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the European Fund for Southeast Europe, USAID, Western NIS Enterprise Fund and others. The bank’s remarkable achievements have often received international recognition, including in 2010 when Finance Central Europe named Moldova-Agroindbank the best bank of the decade.

MAIB’s President, Natalia Vrabie, says that the bank’s potential offers it significant possibilities to support foreign investors in Moldova. “We can ease the way for foreign companies that come here; we can help them make their businesses profitable. Despite the difficult global economic situation, which affected our country as well, the business of Moldova Agroindbank has a durable basis for development. Our model proves that successful business is possible in this market, too. Together with foreign partners choosing to invest in Moldova, I am sure that we will be able to change the country,” Natalia Vrabie says.

This year the bank celebrates its 20th anniversary, as the Republic of Moldova commemorates the 20th anniversary of its independence. MAIB has not been merely a simple observer in the process of establishing a modern Moldovan state, but rather has always remained close to the Moldovan people, offering more and more new services and products that met their needs at various stages.

MAIB has contributed significantly to the consolidation and development of Moldovan society in general, to deepening relations with external financial partners, and implicitly to the promotion of Moldova’s image at the international level. This is why today Moldova Agroindbank is seen in Moldova not only as the most prosperous and stable bank, but also as an indispensable attribute of the country’s present.

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