Innovative Property Firm Puts the Focus on Service

Stephen Milindi, Founder and CEO
Stephen Milindi, Founder and CEO

Misteph & Co. was founded in 2004 by an innovative local entrepreneur to bring world-class standards to Rwanda’s property market. Stephen Milindi, Founder and CEO, explains, “My dream was to change people’s mindsets concerning real-estate brokers by offering high-quality services throughout the whole journey of buying, renting or selling property. We focus on serving our customers while our competitors are in this business just for the money.”

Today, Misteph & Co. is ranked one of the top real-estate and property-management companies in Rwanda. The company offers a full range of real-estate services, from handling sales, purchases and rentals of houses, apartments, building land and commercial properties to providing high-quality property-management and maintenance services. Explaining his company’s success story, Stephen Milindi says, “Working closely with clients, our staff leverages their extensive knowledge and experience to anticipate client needs and serve them with passion. Whether it is out in the field processing a query, or in the office managing negotiations and transactions, we deliver with the highest level of professionalism and focus on results.”

The company has grown steadily and has launched Mysteph Investment Group to get involved in construction projects. “We are planning to build residential properties as a way of helping to bring housing prices down while also generating revenues for our company. We are launching the project with 14 family-housing units based on a design created in Holland, and we are targeting middle-class and upper-class buyers,” Stephen Milindi points out. The houses will be priced from around €74,500 to around €112,000. Misteph & Co. has also established a partnership with a developer from Mauritius to build 206 units in Kigali.

International partnerships welcome

Stephen Milindi welcomes international partnerships in all his projects, which may include initiatives in the banking sector. He says, “For partners, I bring to the table 10 years of experience in Kigali, in-depth knowledge of the Rwandan market, and an established reputation for high quality.”

Real estate is one of Rwanda’s fastest-growing sectors. As Stephen Milindi explains, “Rwanda is an excellent choice as an investment target because it is in a good position to be the hub of the East African Community, and real estate is the number one investment choice here. Rwanda can be the Switzerland of Africa, and for investors, this is the right time to make money here in Kigali.”

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