Linking Zambia to the World

Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga
Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga

According to Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply, and Communications, “It is the desire of my government to improve the way we do business and ultimately improve the lives of all our citizens. We do this by providing sound infrastructure.” The Ministry is certainly taking the steps to ensure that the business climate is improved.

Minister Mukanga believes that a key strategic opportunity to develop Zambia is the conversion from analogue to digital broadcasting. “We have received a number of interests from mobile service providers to invest in telecommunications, but as government, we feel there is need to resolve the migration from analogue to digital first, in order to incorporate additional mobile phone service providers,” says minister mukanga. With this telecommunications shift underway, the ministry is also placing a high premium on fortifying infrastructure to increase the efficiency of transportation.

Development of infrastructure such as roads is key for any economy to see consistent GDp Growth. the Link 8000 project is one example of the strides that the government is taking to develop “Landlinked” Zambia. Link 8000 is a project to create and refurbish 8,000 km of roads to develop stronger transport links in the country and to Zambia’s neighbours to facilitate trade. roads such as the nacala trade route will increase trade capacity between Zambia and malawi as well as the Kitwe-Chingola Dual Carriageway in the Copperbelt region will facilitate transportation in the heart of Zambia’s mining and manufacturing sectors. in addition, the government has allocated over €88.71 million (us$120 million) from the GrZ’s debut eurobond in 2012 to the renovation of the domestic rail network. “these funds will be tendered to the companies who have the knowledge and experience to reconnect Zambia railways for more efficient transportation of goods and materials to increase economic output,” states minister mukanga.

“Telecommunications, roads, and rail all play a role in the plan that the GrZ has set in place to take Zambia to the next level. heavy investment in these industries is now the focus of my ministry and we have put the necessary policies in place to facilitate the investment process.” minister mukanga stresses the importance of FDi in Zambia’s pursuit to modernise. the ministry of transport, supply, Works, and Communication is eager to contribute to Zambia’s growth as a key player in the economy of southern africa and continues to welcome those eager to supply their support.