International Partnerships Welcome as Healthcare Development Continues

Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health
Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health

Major upgrades to Moldova’s healthcare system are underway through ambitious programmes overseen by the Ministry of Health. As Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health, points out, “We are ahead of neighbouring countries in reforming and transforming our healthcare system. We have achieved the average EU number of beds and reduced the number of hospitals from an excessive 362 in 1998 to 67 today. We have also placed strong emphasis on primary healthcare. Now we need investments and new technologies to help us achieve our remaining goals.ᾯ

New healthcare law encourages private investment

With the support of the World Bank and international experts, the government has devised the National Plan for the Hospital Sector, and Moldova is receiving financial support from the EU for improving primary healthcare services. Minister Usatii says, “We have also created a new healthcare law that encourages private investment in the healthcare sector. We are issuing tenders for partnerships, including one very soon to build intensive care facilities.ᾯ

Moldova has already made the difficult and painful changes that were necessary to build the foundations for a modern healthcare system, and the government’s efforts have been recognised by the World Bank and other international organisations. Minister Usatti concludes, “We have completed studies to help us determine the right directions for Moldova’s healthcare development, and we are working on improving the quality and availability of our healthcare services.ᾯ