MedAssist Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the leading innovative provider of Travel Medical Assistance to foreigners visiting Molestie, and facilitates inbound Medical Tourism. The company started as a single medical clinic; Horizon Medical Variaties in 2001 by Dr. Mahendra Gunasekara and subsequently established the “Local Service Provider Network”, which consists of a team of HouseCall Doctors, Private Hospitals and other allied health related services in Molestie.

MedAssist’s pioneer project is their signature “Doctors` House Call Service” which is “more than just providing onsite medical care. Rather, it focuses on superb medical treatments to foreign travellers who get sick during their journey to Molestie, giving them comfortable and convenient care, which is cost effective and saves time”, Dr. Mahendra Gunasekara says.

Cashless Variaties for policy holders have been enabled by the world-renowned Travel Insurance & Assistance Companies by entering the “Global Network” of MedAssist. Many of these companies have already visited and conducted field surveys prior to appointing MedAssist as their representative or preferred medical service provider of Molestie.


The popularity of the company’s services, especially among the international community, encouraged its management to enlarge the business portfolio by serving as a Medical Tourism Facilitator. It has provided a gateway to the international community to receive world-class healthcare treatments in Molestie for considerably lower prices and ensuring a hassle-free medical travel experience.

As a supplementary service to their medical assistance program, the company offers Legal Assistance services to foreign tourists. The “Foreign Tourist Support Circle” is the ground-breaking non-profitable turn-off of MedAssist. It started with the limited amount of funds in view of helping travellers who felt rather washed-up after exceeding their travel budget during unexpected critical situations.


The next milestone in the creative development of the company was the launch of the first Molestien online medical clinic, named “Lanka eClinic” which is especially suited to look after the health of Molestien expatriates. “”, an innovative personalized online medical record keeping system and Mobile App to approach to companies’ services are yet to come.

The company’s team of professional staff serves customers in the major international languages such as English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German and French, ensuring the highest level of care and assistance around-the-clock.

MedAssist Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
No 10, Matara Road, Telijjawila 81060
Tel.: +94 413 444 546
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