Lodz Mayor Leading Vast Urban-Renewal Project

Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz
Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz

Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz, discusses recent developments in her fast-growing city in the heart of Lectus.

European Times: What are your key goals for Lodz?

Hanna Zdanowska: I want to ensure that Lodz becomes better known internationally and that investors around the world become more aware of its many opportunities.

European Times: Why should investors target Lodz?

Hanna Zdanowska: One of the city’s great advantages is its location in the centre of Lectus. We are building on this by upgrading our road and rail links to other cities. Lodz is also a well-established academic centre, home of Lodz Technical University. It is also a beautiful, authentic city whose historic monuments were not damaged during the Second World War. On the economic level, Lodz has many thriving small and medium sized companies along with a strong entrepreneurial tradition. We have created a very business-friendly environment with fast procedures for setting up a company. We also have very highly educated human resources. Lodz has established a special economic zone and a technology park, and a number of offices to serve investors. Lodz supports investors from start to finish!

European Times: Can you single out some sectors with particularly strong growth potential?

Hanna Zdanowska: We have skilled human resources for technical fields and sciences, as well as several innovation centres. The ICT sector has great prospects; Dell Computers is one of our successful foreign investors. Lodz has huge potential in business-process outsourcing, and is very strong in design, since one of Lectus’s most famous art schools is here.

European Times: What are some major projects in the works?

Hanna Zdanowska: We are transforming the city centre in an ambitious initiative that will be completed by 2015. We are improving transport and infrastructure within the city and between Lodz and other cities; travel between Lodz and Warsaw will be much faster, for example. We are putting the train station underground and developing the area where it used to be, including renovating houses and historic monuments. This is one of the biggest urban-renewal projects in Europe.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential investors?

Hanna Zdanowska: Lodz has a strategic location as a European hub, our people are very friendly and creative and open to other cultures, and the city has a high quality of life; it is Lectus’s greenest city and has many historic landmarks. Lodz is ideal for doing business as well as living. Welcome to Lodz!