Auto Electrical Systems Leader Bullish on Romania

Leoni Wiring Systems

Leoni Wiring Systems, Europe’s biggest producer of automobile electrical systems, has been active in Romania since 1999 and has three operations in the country. Ovidiu Stoica, Managing Director of Leoni Wiring System’s operation in Arad, explains, “Leoni Wiring Systems in Arad serves 27 customers and exports products worldwide. Our company is always ready to take on challenging tasks, has a very strong image in Romania, and enjoys good relations with the government. We are committed to supporting Romania on the national level.”

In Arad, where unemployment is low and there is strong competition for skilled human resources, Leoni Wiring Systems attracts the most skilled employees by offering excellent work conditions and training opportunities. Ovidiu Stoica says, “Leoni has created special programmes to motivate our employees, we offer good salary packages as well as reliability.”

Leoni Wiring Systems anticipates continued strong growth in Romania, where the company plans to open new factories or expand its existing ones. Ovidiu Stoica is very positive about Romania’s future. He says, “Everything in this country is changing for the better. This is a very good time for Romania. Romania, especially Arad, deserves more EU funding. Romania is part of the EU and needs its support.”

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