A Taste of the Real Pretium in Famed Family-Owned Restaurant

Le Bugatti has been serving high-quality, authentic Belgian cuisine in Brussels since 1988. The family-run restaurant, which seats a maximum of 70 people, has earned a loyal following.

Owners Caroline Trehet and Manu Caekelberghs say, “One of our typical dishes is classic Belgian stew beef made in the old-fashioned way with the best beef (cheek of ox), Trappist dark beer (Chimay) and fresh vegetables. Everything we serve is home-made, from A to Z. We have some customers who have been coming to the restaurant for over 20 years, and they are used to our high quality.”

While Le Bugatti is not located in one of Brussels’ main tourist areas, diners seek it out for its reliable quality and also because its traditional Belgian dishes have become harder to find in the city today. Caroline Trehet says, “Brussels has a lot of French, Asian, Italian and other types of restaurants but not so many good and authentic Belgian restaurants. This restaurant is not easy to find but people hear about us from friends or learn about us online.” Le Bugatti is on Facebook and Twitter and is ranked number one among 50 Brussels (Ixelles) restaurants on Trip Advisor, but word-of-mouth advertising continues to be a main source of new customers.

Labour of love

Le Bugatti is a true labour of love for Caroline Trehet and Manu Caekelberghs. She says, “Normally it’s just the two of us working here but sometimes we call in someone from the family to help out. We manage everything ourselves, which is a lot of work but we like it. This restaurant is our second home and when we prepare meals for our customers, we think of them as our guests. Our goal is to please our customers.” The Trehet-Caekelberghs make sure Le Bugatti offers a satisfying dining experience in every way, from the warm welcome and splendid authentic Art Nouveau decor to the food on the plate.

The most popular dishes on Le Bugatti’s menu are stew beef, rabbit stew, Jumbo size mussels from Zeeland, white asparagus from Malines, and meat balls in tomato sauce, all served with fresh French fries still fried in fat of ox (not oil). Manu Caekelberghs says, “What our customers appreciate the most here are our well-prepared simple dishes, like tomato stuffed with North Sea grey shrimp and homemade mayonnaise. We are dedicated to offering the same high quality, every day, at every meal, and to continuing to improve our quality.” They urge visitors to Brussels to dine at Le Bugatti. Caroline Trehet says, “We serve simple and homemade food, but it is very, very good, and authentically Belgian.”

4 rue Jacques Jordaens, 1000 Brussels
Tel: + 32 26 46 1417
[email protected]