Launch of the European Times edition featuring Uganda

Deputy Governor Dr. Louis A. Kasekende
Deputy Governor Dr. Louis A. Kasekende

Last night was a special evening for Uganda and for Europe. October 25th marked the launch of The European Times Uganda Edition highlighting all of the business opportunities and government reforms that have been constructed in the last 50 years since Uganda’s independence. It was a wonderful event that hosted both representatives from the public sector and from the private sector. This networking platform allowed for a much needed interaction of business personalities and was the stage for multiple speakers. These speakers commonly stated that Uganda is the place to do business in Africa and a strong, much welcomed sense of pride is what the orators displayed.

Present within this group was Deputy Governor Dr. Louis A. Kasekende, who highlighted and reemphasized the stability that Uganda has had. He spoke of the expanding banking sector and the inevitable growth in the Ugandan economy. He assured investors that when they bring their money to Uganda, it will be safe and stable with the new strict policies under the Bank of Uganda, and Dr. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile the bank’s Governor.

The Deputy Managing Director for National Primis Security Fund Ms. Geraldine Ssali also spoke of the numerous interests present in terms of European investors. NSSF is responsible for nearly 7% of Uganda’s GDP and she confirmed that initiatives like this one, the production and powerful distribution of The European Times, are the modes of bringing about great opportunities and positive economic strides. She assures European investors that NSSF can finance any project that European investors are implementing in Uganda.

Johan Van Hecke, former member of European Parliament and current owner of Cassia Lodge in Kampala, commented on similar aspects of business in Uganda. He reminded investors that while Europe is currently in trouble, there is absolutely no better time to invest in a country like Uganda. It is a country that is stable and provides good returns in a proven business environment.

The Director of IPA Africa, an African procurement specialist, brought to attention another important issue: Uganda’s public image. She stated that before her move to Uganda from the Netherlands, friends and family were worried and raised concerns about safety in Uganda. She affirmed that it is from lack of knowledge that people fear Uganda. Marjon stated that The European Times is exactly what Uganda needs, positive exposure within Europe.

Representing Uganda Clays Limited was Joseph Kitone, Director of Marketing and Communications. He revealed the readiness of Uganda Clays to take on major corporate clients and international partners to expand the current business. He assures investors of the high quality products that Uganda Clays offers, and wants to show that Uganda’s products are of world-class standards. Joseph knows the importance to Europeans of being sustainable and environmentally friendly, and promises that Uganda Clays is the most sustainable and responsible choice when constructing in Uganda.

It is now time for Uganda to seize the moment and take advantage of this positive recognition. Uganda is ready for investment and economic growth, and from all of the attendees at this launch event it is extremely evident. Growth here in Uganda is inevitable, and the captains of industry are here to support and assist this process.