Launch – European Times – Albania

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen and Ambassadors,
Dear Representatives of The European Times.

You are a guest at this very important event.
It was a pleasure to read such an important publication.
A very beautiful publication in shape and in content.
It is really an all inclusive and multi dimension mosaic.
It reflects Albania in a realistic way as well as all its developing dynamics.
The European Times publication is very important in the presentation of the policies of Albania, such as governmental and fiscal policies as well as developing new ones.
This publication is very important for foreign investors because it presents interesting information about Albania and focuses on the real investment opportunities for investors.
A very important part of this publication is the Education policy in different areas.
I have a special pleasure to see a publication about Albania and its international role.
It also presents our perspective towards the European integration in a very professional way.

The European Times dedicated this magazine to the 100th anniversary of independence of Albania and opens the way for Europe to see our prospective and our integrity.
I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the publishers, as well as to the sponsors engaged in this very important publication and thank you all for being here.
In my opinion this ceremony is very important and it paves the way for Albania to opening a window to the rest of the world.