Turning Flavourful Local Grapes into Award-Winning Cognacs

Kyrgyz Konyagy

Kyrgyz Konyagy (Kyrgyz Cognac) produces top-quality cognacs, brandies and other drinks which have earned a loyal following in the local market as well as abroad. Founded over 50 years ago, Kyrgyz Konyagy has developed world-class expertise. It employs the latest technologies, high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques, including the use of oak barrels, to manufacture its distinctive products. Kyrgyz Konyagy’s 1.7-hectare plant is the only cognac production facility in the Kyrgyz Republic.

A full range of more than 10 brands of cognac, several brandies and other cognac-based drinks are now part of the Kyrgyz Konyagy portfolio. Depending on the brand, Kyrgyz Konyagy’s cognacs are aged from three to 20 years or more in oak barrels, and all develop a characteristic amber colour as well as floral aromas and harmonious tastes.

One of the company’s signature cognacs is a 20-year-old OS Enesay, which combines pure waters from Kyrgyz mountain streams and locally grown grapes distilled and then aged in oak barrels. Thanks to the long aging process, this cognac has a particularly complex taste and has won a number of awards.

Kyrgyz Konyagy’s mission is to transform sweet, ripe grapes into cognacs characterised by subtle, complex fl avours. New entries to Kyrgyz Konyagy’s product portfolio include cognacs flavoured with cedar, coffee, cherries and chocolate, as well as Arashan, a unique balsam-based alcoholic beverage made from balsam berries, pure Kyrgyz mountain honey and more than 20 naturally grown medicinal plants.

‘Cognac of the Year’ prize and many other awards

All Kyrgyz Konyagy’s cognacs, brandies and other beverages are produced by skilled professionals who ensure the highest international quality standards. Kyrgyz Konyagy operates a modern production line and uses stateof- the-art automatic Italian equipment to bottle and label its products, handling around 3,000 bottles per hour.

The company’s products have won a number of awards in international tastings, including medals for Kyrgyz Konyagy’s KS Manas-1000, KVVK Manas and KV Kyrgyzstan brands at the World Association of Viticulture and Wine. Kyrgyz Konyagy also received a ‘European Quality’ award in 2009, and later that year the company’s OS Bakay 30-year-old cognac received a gold medal and was named ‘Best Cognac of the Year’ at a prestigious international event held in Yalta.

Kyrgyz Konyagy will continue to focus on high quality and innovation to produce exceptional cognacs, brandies and other beverages for connoisseurs worldwide.

Kyrgyz Konyagy
Murmansk st. 250/1 – Bishkek
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