KPMG Zambia stays at the forefront of audit, tax and advisory services

KPMG Zambia

KPMG Zambia stays at the forefront of audit, tax and advisory services in Zambia by having its global resources available locally. It provides audit services through KPMG Chartered Accountants (a partnership) and tax and advisory services through KPMG Zambia Limited.

KPMG has been a trusted partner in Zambia since 1954. CEO and Senior Partner Jason Kazilimani Jr’s two decades of experience within KPMG gives him the market knowledge to adapt quickly. “There are two types of people in the world; the quick and the dead,” says Kazilimani, “If you want to succeed, you must move fast.”

KPMG in Zambia maintains the proper expertise amongst its staff to adapt to the market quickly. Kazilimani explains that an Infrastructure Expert from KPMG’s London Office was brought in because of the impending developments in Zambian road and railway infrastructure. The skill and efficiency is noticed and appreciated by the Zambian Business community. In manufacturing, mining, retail, and finance, KPMG Zambia has a significant number of clients. When recruiting staff, I ask myself if the person can do the job better than me. If they can, they have the job, says CEO Kazilimani. This stress on value addition makes KPMG the ideal partner in the quickly expanding Zambian Market.

KPMG Zambia
First Floor, Elunda 2, Addis Ababa Roundabout
PO Box 31282, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 37 2900