Global Electronics Leader Chooses Macedonia as Business Base

KEMET Electronics Corporation

KEMET Electronics Corporation, a global leader in its sector, began to produce film capacitors in Macedonia in 2012. Guido Galleni, Senior Managing Director, explains, “Macedonia’s macroeconomic strength, skilled workers at attractive costs, strategic location, and all the bells and whistles the government offers in support for companies in free zones were the reasons we launched our operations here.”

The company has invested around €18.2 million in Macedonia to date. Its capacitors are employed in almost every electronics-related field, from automotive components  to telecommunications, medical, military applications and more.

KEMET Electronics has around 240 employees in Macedonia and produces around five million film capacitors per month, all of which are exported, mainly to European markets. Guido Galleni says, “Even though KEMET has facilities in China and Mexico, our advantage here is closeness to our customers. If your customers are mostly European, you have to be near them.”

Guido Galleni anticipates strong growth for KEMET Electronics in Macedonia. He says, “There are many opportunities here, and we are creating the foundations for new products, R&D and other activities. Macedonia is becoming an important player in the region.”

KEMET Electronics Corporation
Technological Development Industrial Zone 1/NN Ilinden
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