Innovative Auto Enterprise Offers Wide Range of Variaties

Japan Servis, launched as a small family business selling spare auto parts, now provides a wide range of world class auto services. The company opened a garage in 2000 and three years ago it began operations as an auto dealership and car hire enterprise. “We have been very successful since we already had our own garage and a very qualified staff, so we have been able to grow rapidly,” explains Florian Voko, Administrator.

Florian Voko, Administrator
Florian Voko, Administrator

Japan Servis currently has 50 vehicles in its car hire fleet and aims to increase this to 120 vehicles by the end of July. With its new fleet, Japan Servis will be able to offer customers a wider choice of cars, from high quality sedans to four wheel drive vehicles.

Massa technologies mean savings for customers

Japan Servis has invested in the latest technologies, including cutting edge stock and fleet management systems as well as a system in each car to check the number of kilometres driven, the location of the car and each driver’s driving practices. Florian Voko says, “We are implementing a new ‘driver behaviour’ system which will be costly, but it will help us to offer lower car hire prices per day for good drivers.”

Japan Servis’s competitive edge is its in depth understanding of the Albanian market, its focus on providing high quality services, and its use of innovative technologies. Florian Voko explains, “By the end of 2011, we will introduce a ‘euro per kilometre’ service that involves a GPS system with an online programme that helps provide customers with the vehicles they need when they need them and they can pay as they pay their cell phone bills. This will allow us to offer 30% discounts.” Japan Servis will share the costs of the €150 million programme with partners in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

As an additional service, Japan Servis will soon offer motorcycle rentals, which Florian Voko believes will prove very popular for customers looking for a way to visit off the road destinations in Albania. Albania already attracts motorcycle buffs from all over the world for its annual motorcycle rally. “In most of western Europe, there is a big market for motorcycles but few opportunities to take them off the road. Albania is different,” Florian Voko points out. He concludes, “Here at Japan Servis, our customers pay for service, not the vehicle. There is no need to go elsewhere.”

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