Infinite Textile Talk Trading Potential

Infinite Textile has developed excellent industry expertise through working with household names like Target, Nike, Sears and Walmart, and is now keen to develop its customer base further.

It has already successfully worked with companies from the US, Europe and Russia, and General Director and partner Mehmet Akay says Infinite Textile is more than ready to meet the demand new customers will bring.

 “At our best when working with the U.S, we were producing roughly 500,000 units a month. Now with lower demand we are at 250,000 units but can easily double that. In fact, we are ready to expand even further if the demand increases and new markets in Europe become available”, he said.

Infinite Textile already works with the United Kingdom, and is now looking to offer its services to new markets like Germany and Italy.

Mehmet Akay says they have everything ready to go, he is just looking for the right partners.

He urges those in Europe to look to Moldova for business opportunities, because they are able to offer high quality and low prices. “We have a strategic location in the heart of Europe. The cost to ship items is fairly low and we can reach everywhere in Europe by truck, rather than ship or plane like other courtiers must do. We always ship on time and can send trucks weekly if necessary. These are things that companies in India and Africa simply cannot compete with”, he said.

Should Moldova’s proposed Free Trade Agreement with Europe come into action, both nation and Infinite Textile will benefit. “This agreement will bring more attention and business to the country and also make it cheaper and easier to do business. We expect to benefit greatly off this deal by expanding our business into Western Europe”, Mehmet Akay emphasized.