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ICPE-ACTEL relies on its more than 60 years of experience in the electrical-equipment field to provide cutting-edge equipment and services, particularly electronic controls of industrial processes. Active in a wide range of sectors, including energy, manufacturing, agriculture, irrigation and others, ICPE-ACTEL has developed industry-leading expertise in energy efficiency and green energy, sustainable development and environmental protection. Around 95% of the equipment for hydropower plants used in Romania has been produced by ICPE-ACTEL.

Ion Potarniche, CEO, explains, “There is no hydro plant in Romania that does not have ICPE-ACTEL products. We can also provide maintenance for those products, which is big advantage for us and for our customers. This is why ICPE-ACTEL wins so many tenders. ICPE-ACTEL has a technical

team of specialists, including a core of experienced scientific researchers, to provide each of our customers with highly customised, unique, high-tech solutions.” 

ICPE-ACTEL is committed to serving its customers, shareholders and local communities, and it values long-term partnerships. Its products are known for their high performance, reliability and safety, and the company welcomes the chance to get involved in innovative new projects. In 2008, ICPE-ACTEL began to develop new products like electrical-traction equipment and to provide even more services geared to international customers.

Active in Romania and in many foreign markets


ICPE-ACTEL markets its products and services in Romania as well as in Kenya, Indonesia, France, Russia, Iraq and other countries. Ion Potarniche wants ICPE-ACTEL, a fully private enterprise, to have greater access to EU funding. He says, “We do not want to be a big company; instead we want to be a very high-tech engineering company. We have developed excellent products and we can deliver exceptional services. With the support of EU funds, ICPE-ACTEL could develop even more products and technologies which could benefit the Romanian economy.”

ICPE-ACTEL is a partner of choice for investors in Romania. Defining his company’s competitive edge, Ion Potarniche says, “When I became an engineer I participated in some investments in the Bicaz-Stejar area in the 1970s, and that equipment is still in use. I would like to see this kind of quality be available today. ICPE-ACTEL produces excellent products and also provides maintenance.” To potential international partners, he concludes, “Romania offers huge investment potential, and ICPE-ACTEL is a credible partner which can handle any kind of project.”

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