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HRMC Recruitment
HRMC Recruitment

Established in 1992, HRMC is the most trusted search and selection consultancy company, specializing in recruiting professional and managerial personnel in Botswana. Working both locally and internationally, this umbrella group consists of independent companies offering superb services. Within these high-end headhunting services, the company manages the overall process, delivering specialist input, advice and support at any stage of the recruitment process.

Being with the client from the first moment of starting a business and every step thereafter

Customer service, professionalism and integrity are HRMC’s core values. Tireless work reflects these values. HRMC grounds its strategy on the principle that every person is unique. The partnerships it develops with the job seekers and the employers reflect this uniqueness. The customers, whether it is a job seeker or an employer, are led through the whole process, experiencing top class service from a genuinely committed and highly competent team.

Unique service to employers for over 20 years

HRMC has a successful tradition of assisting employers in search and selection tailored to the employer’s needs and concepts. As a trusted partner, HRMC offers the most up-to-date pool of professional talent, which enables recommending to their clients the best available candidates, within the shortest time frame. Depending on the clients and their needs, with the collaboration of its sister company, HRMC Talent, HRMC offers either a transparent or entirely discreet local and international search, getting the best possible results.

As HRMC’s Managing Director Stuart White explains, “The biggest clients come from the private sector. They are multinational companies looking to recruit for their branches in Botswana. We are the ideal partner for them. We are continuously looking for a competent and well skilled work force. The main competitors come from outside the country, but we offer a very niche product. By constantly innovating and giving outstanding customer service, we have managed to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have built a small, excellent team, which knows the market, has a great network, knows the clients and does things in a smart way. Finding talent is incredibly hard. We have an outstanding team that accomplishes that, by combining international standards with local knowledge to find the right people for the right jobs. We have a well established network that helps us locate the right opportunities and connect the right people for every job.”


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