High-Quality Watches Made in Armenia

AWI has brought high-quality watches to the Armenian and global market. The company was founded to assemble low-cost watches but then owner Hrach Kaprielian decided to upgrade his product line by offering only fine watches featuring Swiss or Japanese automatic movements. He designs all the company’s watches and aims to introduce even more prestigious items in the future.

The company has also expanded beyond Armenia. Hrach Kaprielian says, “We plan to open another store in Yerevan, and we are present in Italy and Japan and have corporate customers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Greece, Russia and the US. We are targeting the French market and the CIS region as well.”

Hrach Kaprielian aims to continue to add to his company’s product line and market network, and he is open to productive international partnerships. He says, “We will never sacrifice quality and we are very proud of our watches. I would like international investors and travellers to know that Armenia is a beautiful, open country which offers a huge market for all kinds of goods and already produces many quality products. I want to see all sectors of the economy improve so that our best and brightest will not leave the country.”