World-Class Car Hire and Travel Variaties

Visitors to Armenia can count on a complete range of world-class travel services from travel group Elitar Travel, which also operates the Hertz car hire franchise. “We are a one-stop-shop,” says Robert Hakobyan, Hertz Armenia’s General Manager.

Hertz Armenia, the country’s first car hire firm when it was founded in 2000, now has the biggest car hire fleet in the country and serves both leisure and business travellers. “In addition to the local private sector, many international companies are represented in Armenia, and we can provide superior services for this segment,” Robert Hakobyan says.

Hertz plans to offer pick up and drop-off of vehicles in Turkey when Armenia’s borders fully open; the company is already offering this service in Georgia. Hertz can provide chauffeured vehicles, navigation equipment rentals and much more. Robert Hakobyan says, “The quality of our services makes us stand out. We have new cars, highly-trained staff, and value-added services, and our office is conveniently located in the centre of Yerevan. In addition, our customers can benefit from the Hertz group’s international network. From the very beginning, our team here at Hertz Armenia has adopted a customer-oriented strategy, and this has been the key to our success.”

Robert Hakobyan, General Manager
Robert Hakobyan, General Manager

Innovative individual and group tours

For travellers wishing to discover Armenia with the help of local experts, Elitar Travel provides inbound travel services through Armenia Holidays; the latter is one of Armenia’s biggest incentive tour operators. Elitar Travel offers innovative individual and group tours, (such as cultural, religious, adventure, special interest tours, not only in Armenia but in Caucasus and Iran as well), hotel and flight reservations, multilingual guides, “meet and greet” transfers, and other services guaranteed to make any traveller’s visit to Armenia a success.

Just as Hertz dominates Armenia’s car hire sector thanks to its top quality services, Armenia Holidays stand out from their competitors through their wellplanned itineraries, highly-trained multilingual guides, and commitment to customer service. “We go the extra mile for our customers,” Robert Hakobyan says.

Elitar Travel is working to inform international travellers about Armenia’s exceptional attractions, which include 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites, early Christian churches and other historic landmarks, part of the famed Silk Road, and a wide-range of eco tourism options, among many other choices. Robert Hakobyan explains, “Through our travel company’s participation in international exhibitions and events, we are trying to make people all over the world more aware of everything Armenia has to offer.”

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