Trust, Loyalty, Adaptation and Flexibility

Trust, loyalty, adaptation and flexibility are the core components that have allowed Grossmann Diamond Manufacturing to excel in the diamond industry. These core values have allowed Grossmann to refine their expertise and continue the tradition of working in the diamond business for 8 generations. The AAA rating which they have earned is a testament to their core beliefs and allows Grossmann Diamond Manufacturing to continue to be a main supplier to Swiss watch makers.

Arnold Grossmann, senior partner, supervises and manages the overseas manufacturing units and is what most would call a master of the evaluation and purchasing of rough diamonds. His son, Laurent Grossman manages the quality control of the company and is an expert in the polished diamond sector, which includes appraisals and valuations of polished diamonds.

Arnold Grossmann stresses that the tailored service that has been offered to their customers for the past 36 years is a key component to thriving in the Antwerpen diamond district in both economic upturns and hardships alike. The service that Grossmann Diamond Manufacturing has provided and respectable name that they have maintained over the years has allowed them to remain a successful business and a model representation of the world famous Antwerpen diamond district.

Grossmann Diamond Manufacturing
Pelikaanstraat 78
2018 Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 231 5668
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