Romania’s Largest Independent Oil and Gas Producer Calls for Interconnection Projects

Amromco Energy, founded in 2002, is the largest and oldest independent oil and gas producer in Romania. Currently operating approximately 30 concessions throughout the country, the company is focused on resource and production growth in Eastern Europe, accomplished through underdeveloped field enhancement and exploitation as well as near-field exploration.

Overseeing the work of 240 employees, the experienced management team is focused on creating shareholder value through growing and developing the company’s world class resource base. Amromco Energy has strong relationship with OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Eastern Europe, and Romgaz, the largest natural gas producer in Romania.

Tudor Gafton, General Manager, explains, “Romania became energy independent and natural gas self-sufficient in early 2016, only to start again importing significant quantities of natural gas in the last several months, while domestic production capacities are kept shut. Romanian government should encourage and support production of hydrocarbons in Romania”. He advises, “Romanian decision makers should focus more on interconnection projects that would allow Romania to export energy and which would help the upstream industry”.