Romania Participating in Expo Milano 2015

Georgian Ghervasie, Commissioner General of Romania
Georgian Ghervasie, Commissioner General of Romania

As part of its commitment to serving as a productive member of the global community, Romania will participate in Expo Milano 2015, to be held in Milan, Italy from May to the end of October next year. The theme of the high-profile 2015 event is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, crucial issues as the world’s food resources are declining even as the global population is increasing.

The first Universal Exposition, or World’s Fair, was held in London in 1851. Since then, the prestigious event has been held in many locations, and Romania was one of the first countries to participate. The Romanian government is committed to support Romania’s presence at Expo Milano 2015.

Georgian Ghervasie, Commissioner General of Romania, comments, “Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial universal exposition and with our participation we aim to improve relationships between Romania and other countries through strategic partnerships as well as demonstrate Romania’s potential to the world.” Around 20 million visitors are expected to attend Expo Milano 2015. To date, the UN, CERN, the EU and 144 countries are scheduled to participate.

Romanian pavilion’s theme to be “Living with Nature”

Romania will have its own two-storey, 887 sq m pavilion in Expo Milano 2015, and the pavilion’s theme will be “Living with Nature”. The pavilion will focus on five main areas: Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy, Fruits and vegetables, Culture and Tradition, and Gastronomy. Exhibits on the ground floor of the pavilion will concentrate on Romania’s natural resources, in a modern digital concept, while the upper floor will highlight Romanian traditions. On the upper level, visitors can explore an authentic Romanian wooden house complete with a real garden.

The Romanian pavilion will host several events during the six-month run of the exposition, including ones demonstrating Romania’s exceptional biodiversity. Exhibits on Romania’s diverse regions as well as a restaurant serving ethnic cuisine will help introduce visitors to Romanian traditions and culture.

Romania Expo Milano is organising the pavilion and related events, and is currently seeking private-sector investors and partners. Georgian Ghervasie says, “We would like to have the funding to boost the pavilion’s potential, for example by showcasing Romanian agricultural bio-products, manufactured goods, renewable technologies and more. We want to represent Romania in the best possible light and to show its advantages in the automotive industry, engineering, organic agriculture, energy and rural development. We also want to establish new ties to Italy and other countries. Visitors to Expo Milano 2015 will see for themselves what Romania really is.”