European Times launches its first edition on the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

European Times launches its first edition on the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

It is with great pleasure that the European Times launches its first edition on the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the formal launch of the edition was celebrated on the 21st of February in Kyrgyzstan, an event hosted by key representatives from both the private and public sectors. Key speakers praised the high potential for further development in the country as well as the business opportunities present.

The European Times report highlights the economic development, business opportunities and government reforms that have been achieved in the Kyrgyz Republic in the past few years.

In her speech, Her Excellency Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht, Head of the European Union to Kyrgyz Republic, noted that the European Union is present in the Kyrgyz Republic to support democratic reforms and to ensure economic and social development. She emphasized that the Kyrgyz Republic is the only Central Asian country that has such a developed democratic process. More importantly, the Kyrgyz Republic is taking all measures to establish a favorable investment climate as well as stepping up efforts to fight corruption.

Aktilek Tungatarov, Executive Director of International Business Council, said that the IBC, together with its members, is constantly working at building a stronger economy in the Kyrgyz Republic. Mr. Tungatarov collaborates closely with the government in order to improve legislation and to make the business environment more transparent, efficient, corruption-free and investor-friendly. The IBC welcomes foreign investors to take advantage of the Kyrgyz Republic’s open, welcoming and supportive economy.

The time has come for the Kyrgyz Republic to seize the moment and profit from this positive recognition. The Kyrgyz Republic is ready for investment and economic growth, and this openness and readiness is evident when speaking to all the attendees of the launch. Growth in the Kyrgyz Republic is inevitable, and the key decision makers of business and industry are here to support and assist this process.