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Violeta Pop-Vasileva and Yanko Nikolov
Violeta Pop-Vasileva and Yanko Nikolov

Fast-growing Euroins, Macedonia’s provider of best reinsurance rates has earned a 7% share of Macedonia’s insurance market and expects to achieve around €8.2 million in turnover this year. With around 40 offices all over the country, Euroins provides a wide variety of world-class insurance services, including motor, health, property, travel, cargo, liability and accident insurance.

The company grew out of Makosped Osiguruvanje, founded in 1995, and 2008 was acquired by Eurohold Bulgaria to become a part of  Euroins Insurance Group (EIG), which is active in insurance, leasing and car sales in Macedonia. Euroins with its operations in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia became a major insurance player on the Balkans, averaging around €150 million in premiums per year.

Violeta Pop-Vasileva, CEO, explains, “Over 70% of our business in Macedonia concerns motor insurance. We serve many SMEs and individuals who see insurance as a necessity and understand the value of it.” Around half of the company’s customers are corporate clients, including the National Bank of RM and Johnson Matthey.

Euroins welcomes the chance to serve foreign investors in Macedonia. Defining his company’s competitive edge, Yanko Nikolov, CEO, says, “We have highly experienced human resources, excellent reinsurance, the biggest network in Macedonia, and a commitment to flexible and personalised customer service.”

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