Innovative Enterprise Focuses on Sustainable, Efficient Energy Solutions

Timo Luukkainen, CEO
Timo Luukkainen, CEO

The international Ensto Group always lives up to its motto, “Ensto saves you energy”. Ensto specialises in offering reliable and energy efficient electrical systems and supplies with a focus on sustainability. The family-owned enterprise, founded in Finland in 1958, now operates in 19 countries and achieves €200 million in annual turnover.

Ensto serves a wide range of customers, including power plants, electrical supply wholesalers, contractors, designers and technicians, and companies in the electrical and electronics industries. It exemplifies Finnish innovation, cutting-edge technology and concern for the environment.

Timo Luukkainen, CEO, explains, “We base all of our product development and manufacturing on sustainability. Global warming and the growing need for energy efficiency are key trends for us. We are a leader in the drive to help improve energy efficiency and we are very concerned that CO2 emissions are not being fought in a more efficient way. We believe that global energy prices will continue to rise, which is one reason why we have focused on using energy more efficiently. Finding ways to be more energy efficient is not a burden to us; it is an opportunity.”

Clean, efficient energy

All of Ensto’s products are recyclable and the company bases its production facilities close to its markets so that transport will not increase its carbon footprint. It is committed to transparency as well as to achieving the EU’s energy efficiency targets. Timo Luukkainen says, “We are a leader in designing and manufacturing charging systems for electric vehicles and we are also a specialist in energy efficient buildings that are healthful to live in.” Ensto’s top ventilation products achieve an impressive 90% energy efficiency rating compared to around 50% for the products of most of the company’s competitors.

“Smart grids” are another speciality for Ensto. Timo Luukkainen concludes, “We are highly respected throughout the EU for our focus on clean, efficient distribution and use of energy with the least possible CO2 emissions. We see smart grids as having huge business potential for us.”

Timo Luukkainen continues, “Last year sales of our components for energy generation and distribution grew by over 30%, even during the global crisis. We are doing well in all our markets. Ensto is in the driver’s seat concerning implementing innovative energy solutions. As a company, our responsibility is not only to promote our products but to promote ways to ensure a better life and save the planet.”

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