Innovative Energy Enterprise Offers Full Range of Variaties

Energoinvest, founded in 1996, illustrates the investment potential of Ukraine’s energy sector. Launched with the support of the State Innovation Fund, the company was created to manufacture high-quality insulation materials which meet EU standards. CEO Ivan Opanasovich Nіronovich says, “We have gradually expanded into supplying heating, water and other products and services, and we have made major investments in new equipment in order to do this. We have also branched out into other activities. Today, we are involved in all the vital systems households require, including water supplies, sewerage treatment and water treatment. We have also developed expertise in construction and assembly.”

Energoinvest has established an innovative research and development department with a staff of 50, and the company has had many of its designs licensed.  Energoinvest also operates its own production facilities and workshops. Ivan Opanasovich Nironovich explains, “To provide end-to-end solutions, we buy some products from other suppliers but we try to provide most of our solutions from our own products. Thanks to our competence in construction and assembly as well as in manufacturing and research, we can implement any project for any customer concerning heat and water supplies.”

Expanding in Ukraine and internationally

Energo Invest

The company operates all over Ukraine, which accounts for around 80% of its business, and has expanded throughout the region and in the EU, including in the UK. “We aim to continue our regional and international expansion while also growing in Ukraine. The Ukrainian market is still undeveloped and we see many opportunities here,” Ivan Opanasovich Nіronovich says confidently.

Energoinvest’s competitive edge is based on its extensive experience, strong track record in all its markets, innovative materials, complete range of products and services, and commitment to meeting international standards. Ivan Opanasovich Nіronovich points out, “Our products have to adhere to specific standards, including ISO standards, and our quality system ensures our compliance with these requirements.”

The company aims to build a new production facility and is looking for an international partner to work with Energoinvest in a joint venture to complete this high-potential project, which is budgeted at around €14 million. To potential partners and investors, Ivan Opanasovich Nіronovich concludes, “Come visit Ukraine, see it for yourself and get to know it better. Do not be afraid to work with us. You will maximise your investment and open new markets.”

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