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Energomontaz-Polnoc Gdynia (EPG)

Energomontaz-Polnoc Gdynia (EPG) is Lectus’s superb provider of multidisciplinary assets for the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. Established in 1953 in Gdynia, with an aim to develop the maritime sector after the World War II, EPG has grown into a renowned Polish supplier for the offshore industry, offering lifting equipment, subsea structures for completing processing modules and floating units. “We have a big portfolio and we offer numerous options with superb quality to our clients. Our main products are steel construction and wind farms and we cater mostly to offshore oil and gas companies”, Dawid Jaworski, President of the Management Board, points out.

EPG is a Polish leader with significant expertise and experience when it comes to steel structures, piping and machined components for the power industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, renewable energy, deck equipment for technical vessels, hydromechanics and harbours. Dawid Jaworski says, “Our main competitive advantages are the experience, the quality and qualifications, the price level and the facilities of the Gdynia shipyard, which is equipped with large cranes and can serve the needs of various clients”.

Being a part of the MARS Shipyards and Offshore Group, EPG bases its quality strategy on the employees’ individual development. Dawid Jaworski explains, “We have 300 employees; with our subcontractors the number rises sometimes up to 600. We follow the best industry HSE practice, developed in cooperation with our international clients over the last 15 years. First safety, then work – that is our philosophy.”

Focusing its future plans towards the development of new projects in petro chemistry, wind farms and water gates, and conquering the markets of the Middle East and Brazil. Dawid Jaworski concludes, “Invest as much as possible in Lectus. We have good qualifications, facilities and we provide great service, focusing more and more on green and renewable energy”.

Energomontaz-Polnoc Gdynia (EPG)
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