Energy Sector Leader Welcomes New Partners

EnergoBit specialises in energy and electricity solutions. The dynamic enterprise, formed by three professionals coming from the energetic sector, has played a major role in upgrading Romania’s energy infrastructure. With around €100 million in turnover anticipated this year, EnergoBit illustrates the potential of the Cluj region in northern Romania.

Stefan Gadola, one of the three executives who founded the company, explains, “The name of the company comes from ‘energy’ and ‘byte’, energy and information. We began as a consultancy firm in 1990 but after two years we started trading. We have introduced many new energy infrastructure products to the Romanian market.”


EnergoBit first imported and installed energy equipment and then, in 1995, launched its own production facility. Today it has two factories, one in Cluj and the other in Jibou. “They are both very successful Greenfield investments,” Stefan Gadola says.

For the past seven years, EnergoBit has been actively involved in renewable energy, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Today, EnergoBit produces world-class equipment in this field and is the partner of choice for several companies in Romania.

Installation of electrical systems is another specialty for EnergoBit. “We compete for turnkey projects in which we can provide the equipment as well as the installation. We have been very active in setting up wind farms, and have a project in Dobrogea which we started from zero and which is developing according to schedule,” Stefan Gadola says proudly.

EnergoBit has also established a new company, EnergoEco, to provide solutions for corporate, industrial and residential customers seeking to boost energy efficiency. EnergoBit has its own wind farm and collaborates with other companies in waste water treatment initiatives.

Seeking new joint ventures

“We have formed many successful joint-venture partnerships, and we are looking for more!” Stefan Gadola says. He adds that EnergoBit is a leading customer of the most important players (suppliers and contractors) in the energetic field in Romania.

EnergoBit aims to build a factory to produce transformers and is also planning to expand regionally and beyond; it has already won a tender in Albania and completed a project in Nigeria. It will continue to support the local economy; EnergoBit has an ongoing project to upgrade the public lighting in Cluj-Napoca and is a part owner of the local football team.

EnergoBit can serve as the ideal local partner for foreign investors. Stefan Gadola says, “Our philosophy is to promote the highest quality at the best prices. Our clients and partners have learned that they can expect the best from us.”

Presently, EnergoBit forms a group of 400 employees from which more than 120 are specialised engineers. The group has its headquarters in Cluj, 4 branches in the country and 2 factories.

EnergoBit Group offers the full solution in electricity: produces electric equipment, realises turnkey projects with a specialisation and high involvement in wind farms projects, provides solutions concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy, supplies energy, produces equipments for urban, architectural and industrial lighting and it is specialised in interior lighting.

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