Innovative Gas Supplier Transforming Energy Sector

István Góczi, Managing Director
István Góczi, Managing Director

EMFESZ, launched in 2003 when Hungary’s energy sector was liberalised, is transforming the country’s energy sector by providing high quality services for consumers and making sure Hungary has the energy it needs to support its continuing development. The company recently restructured and streamlined its operations to ensure reliable gas supplies for its customers, and has developed a cutting-edge information technology infrastructure as well as world-class personalised customer services and Hungary’s most advanced dispatcher service to guarantee efficient deliveries.

Focus on retail market in 2010

EMFESZ is a model for other energy suppliers. As Managing Director István Góczi says, “Being innovative here in Hungary with our business development will position EMFESZ as a benchmark for other gas providers throughout the EU. In 2010 EMFESZ will implement a signifi cant innovation by transforming 30% of our wholesale business to retail to serve direct end users of gas. This is a move our competitors in the Hungarian market have not yet even thought of.”

EMFESZ anticipates a growth in revenues of 10% to 15% in 2010 as a result of its new focus on the retail market. István Góczi explains, “Now that people can choose, they are choosing EMFESZ. We are responding to what the market is demanding, which is a good, consistent supplier of gas in the retail market.”

Hungary’s leading alternative supplier

In 2008 EMFESZ had a 20% share of Hungary’s gas market, supplying gas to 1,000 sites, including 400 major industrial operations. It is ranked Hungary’s leading alternative gas supplier. EMFESZ serves agricultural and industrial units, institutions and heating plants as well as pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of aluminium, ceramics, bricks and other products.

István Góczi says, “We are particularly proud of the fact that the fi rst 12 industrial consumers to become our partners when we entered the market are still our satisfied customers.” EMFESZ supplies gas to the chemical industry, to the rubber industry and to paper manufacturing plants in Hungary.

New 2400MW power plant under construction

Now EMFESZ is taking a giant step forward: it is building Europe’s most technologically advanced combined cycle gas turbine power plant. The new plant, which will adhere to the strictest EU environmental protection regulations, will eventually produce 2,400MW of power. This Greenfield investment, budgeted at €1.9 billion, will help stabilise energy prices in Hungary and will thus enhance the country’s attractions as a base for business activities.

The plant will initially produce 800 megawatts of power in its first stage, set for completion in 2012. It is located in the village of Nyírtass, in the Baktalorántháza region (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county) in North-eastern Hungary; in addition to supplying energy for the country, the plant is expected to stimulate the growth of the Nyírség region, which currently has high unemployment and a depressed economy. EMFESZ’s new plant is expected to generate around 2,000 to 3,000 jobs, providing income for several thousand families. EMFESZ intends to be a primary promoter of the region’s development with the construction of the power plant and other related investments.

Highest possible efficiency, environmental protection

The power plant’s turbines will achieve a high 58% effi ciency and will not produce any noise or odor. In addition, through a comprehensive programme developed by a team of professors at Debrecen University Agricultural and Technical Sciences Centre, waste heat from the power plant’s production processes will be put to use. The plant is being developed with complete transparency; from the very beginning, EMFESZ has held public meetings with local and regional leaders to discuss the project and its potential impact locally.

Positioning Hungary as hub for energy distribution

A long-term goal for EMFESZ is to help position Hungary as a hub for energy distribution throughout the EU. As István Góczi points out, “Although Hungary does not have primary energy sources, its location in the centre of Europe makes it an ideal secondary energy source through an extensive network of pipelines which can be utilised to distribute gas throughout Europ and especially Western Europe.”

EMFESZ welcomes the chance to partner with investors and companies throughout Europe as it works to achieve its ambitious goals. “It is important for European investors to be aware of Hungary’s potential as an energy hub and to know that EMFESZ can serve as the ideal partner for those wishing to capitalise on this outstanding business opportunity, especially with the power plant which we are currently developing and with the secondary energy pipeline projects we have planned for the future,” István Góczi says. He concludes, “2009 has been a hard year, but with our young spirit, fast reaction to the market forces, and innovative attitude, EMFESZ can sail out of this storm. Hungary’s energy sector is modern and open, with a strong regulatory environment and exceptional potential. Come join our success!”

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