Local Success Story Demonstrates Kosovo’s Investment Potential

Mehdi Zhugolli, General Manager
Mehdi Zhugolli, General Manager

Ecotrade, based in Pristina, is a true Kosovo success story, having grown over the past 27 years from a small operation to one of the country’s leading companies. It has also proven itself to be a strong and reliable partner for international investors.

Mehdi Zhugolli, General Manager, founded the company in 1983 as “Mirdita”, a small enterprise in the food sector, and then changed the name to Ecotrade in 1994.

Ecotrade became one of Kosovo’s most successful companies in its field, extending its operations throughout the region. Then, Mehdi Zhugolli saw an opportunity in the fast growing energy and mining sector. He established a number of partnerships with
foreign enterprises to represent them in Kosovo.

Today, Ecotrade represents global leaders, who are specialised in their field of work, such as: “Thyssen Krupp – Fördertechnik”, “Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (FAG and INA)”, “Tribotec”, “VOITH”, “SIEMENS – Industry”, “Komatsu”, “Fakom” from Macedonia, and “Zagreb Montaza” from Croatia.

Businessman Mehdi Zhugolli points out the range of products and services, which his company offers, “All of our partners are extremely satisfied with their relationship with us and with the services that we provide. We supply spare parts and equipments. We handle refurbishments and maintenance for heavy machinery, excavators, conveying systems, and parts used in the mining industry, particularly excavators, conveyor belts and in the sector of railway.”

EcoTrade company has implemented and is in the process of implementing a few projects, which are of great importance to the energy sector in Kosovo. “Since 2004, we have implemented a number of projects related to the refurbishment of excavators. We started with the process last year and are currently in the process of implementing a project for the refurbishment of conveyer belts, for the overburdened system. The length of these belts is approximately 10 km. Till now the project is being implemented in the best possible way,” says director Zhugolli.

Open to new partnerships

Ecotrade Company is open to working with new international partners, who can benefit from Ecotrade’s exceptional track record as well as its in-depth understanding of the local market. “We seek partner companies which offer the highest quality as well as flexibility and have no confl icts of interest with our current partners. Our partners can testify that Ecotrade always lives up to its obligations,” says Mehdi Zhugolli.

As the leader of this company and a businessman with a vision, Mehdi Zhugolli believes that Ecotrade demonstrates Kosovo’s outstanding opportunities for international investors. He cites renewable energy, mining, infrastructure, construction, textiles and tourism (including luxury hotels) as sectors which are not developed enough, and therefor represent great investments opportunity, and offer particularly strong growth potential.

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