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Dwayne Tours & Safaris

Dwayne Tours & Safaris has made a name for itself for its world-class tourism services. The dynamic company, which received an award from Botswana’s Hospitality and Tourism Association last year, offers a full range of tourism services, including all types of safaris and tour packages, airline-ticket reservations and more.

Kobamelo Tlagae, Director of Operations, explains that Dwayne Tours & Safaris serves many international clients and welcomes the chance to work with international investors. He says, “We want to attract more European and Asian tourists to Africa, especially Botswana. We provide the best possible services to every client and we always tailor our travel packages to meet each client’s needs.”

Dwayne Tours & Safaris plans to expand its services to other East African countries, build up a fleet of safari vehicles, and acquire land for camping tours in Ghanzi and Kasane. Phineas Kapinga, Director of Logistics and Safety, points out, “Unlike most other tour companies, Dwayne Tours offers educational tours and is developing tourism in East Africa. Most importantly, we are customer-driven.”

Promoting Botswana’s sustainable tourism development while protecting the country’s natural and cultural heritage is a guiding principle for Dwayne Tours & Safaris, which supports the NGO Youth in Wildlife, Tourism and Conservation. To global travellers, Kobamelo Tlagae concludes, “Experience the beauty of Africa with Dwayne Tours & Safaris.”

Dwayne Tours & Safaris

Dwayne Tours & Safaris
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