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Dojran Steel

Dojran Steel has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 2006 and now exports 45% of its production throughout the Balkans and worldwide. Dojran Steel was founded by the Greek Sidenor Group, the biggest steel producer in South-Eastern Europe, and by the Bulgarian Velder Group. In 2011 Sidenor acquired Velder’s 25% share in the company and is now the sole owner.

Dojran Steel operates a hot rolling mill while its downstream activities include the production of wire meshes and bearers. Dojran Steel has made significant investments in upgrading its production facilities and has increased the capacity of its hot rolling mill from 20,000 tonnes per year to 150,000 tonnes per year. Dojran now produces a full range of high quality quenched reinforcement steel and has expanded its product portfolio by adding higher added value merchant bars (both round and square) with close dimensional tolerances.

The company has also invested in new machines that more efficiently produce higher quality wire mesh, gabion boxes and rolls. Dojran Steel is currently acquiring new machines to produce galvanised mesh and rolls as well as copper coated electrode wire. Dojran Steel has expanded its production facility, including building more storage space.

“Since it was launched in 2006, Dojran Steel has applied and been certified for all the highest ISO management standards, including ISO 9000 for quality, 14000 for environmental protection, 18000 for health and safety, and 50000 for energy, making us the first company in the entire group to achieve this last one. We transformed the company into a very modern one,” explains General Manager Michail Konstantinidis. He adds, “Like all companies in the Sidenor Group, our priorities are the health and safety of our employees, protection of the environment, and the high quality of our products.”

Employee training, community support

Dojran Steel invests significantly in the education and continuous training of its employees to ensure safety in the workplace as well as reliable, efficient and successful performance. As part of its commitment to Macedonia, Dojran Steel supports a number of corporate social responsibility projects.

Dojran Steel plans to continue to invest in its production facility and to expand its product line, and it will maintain the commitment to health and safety, environment and quality which has given it a strong track record among its clientele over the years. “Investing in the production of a new range of small section merchant bars with higher added value is our current priority,” Michail Konstantinidis says. He adds that Dojran Steel prefers long-term relationships with its customers. Urging international investors to look into opportunities in Macedonia, he says, “The government is supportive and local human resources are very high quality. Our location in Macedonia has definitely been an advantage for us.”

Dojran Steel

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