World-Class University Education in Craiova since 1947

Kraiova Uni

The University of Craiova has been providing world-class education since 1947. Originally part of Craiova’s Faculty of Agriculture, the university was established to ensure high-quality human resources as the local economy developed. It has steadily grown along with Craiova and is now ranked one of Romania’s top universities.

The university has 12 thriving faculties in a wide range of specialities. They are theology, letters, law,  economics and business administration, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation, computer science, agriculture, horticulture, science (chemistry, physics and geography), and physical education and sport. Rector Cezar Ionut Spinu explains, “The University of Craiova is a leading national university and the only major university in the Oltenia region. We now offer diplomas in 50 fields along with licenses in 97 specialisations, and we are expanding our master’s degree programmes.”

The University of Craiova is well known for INCESA, its centre for advanced research in applied sciences, which was established with €18 million in EU funds and is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies. In fact, thanks to its high-level educational and research offerings, the University of Craiova has attracted thousands of students from all over the world, many of them studying through the Erasmus Plus programme.

Forging productive international partnerships

Kraiova Uni

The university welcomes international partnerships with educational and research institutions all over the world as well as with companies operating in Romania. Current partnerships include a long-term cooperation with Ford, which has a plant in Craiova, and exchanges of students and teachers with educational institutions in the UK. The university is also working with British companies Portsmouth Aviation and Spirit Circuits, which operate in Craiova’s industrial park. For both local and foreign investors, the University of Craiova is a reliable source of creative, well trained human resources and advanced research support in many fields, particularly the auto industry, agriculture, energy and environmental technologies.

The University of Craiova is also committed to providing educational opportunities to residents of Oltenia. The university offers free courses for students preparing the baccalaureate exam as well as for other students and teachers, and the Oltenia Education Caravan travels throughout the region to provide information about the university to prospective students.  For almost 70 years, the University of Craiova has proven itself to be a very dynamic institution which can evolve with the times and will continue to focus on high-quality education and research that meets the needs of the future.