Located just several kilometres from the centre of Craiova, alongside the route to Bucharest, Craiova Airport serves the entire Romanian region of Oltenia. With an investment of €8 million, the airport features separate terminals for arrivals and departures, internationally standardised equipment, comfortable waiting rooms, green spaces and parking lots. Surpassing the period of stagnation, the airport nowadays serves regular flights to London, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Valencia, Liverpool, Madrid, Cologne, Treviso, Paris, Tel Aviv, as well as charter flights to Antalya.

Mircea Dumitru, General Manager, reflects on the enormous increase in flights and passengers achieved during his tenure. ᾮCurrently we have three flights per day and more than 300 passengers per flight. Next year we expect close to 400.000 passengers, and probably by 2020 we will reach one million”, he points out.

Renowned as a regional airport adhering to the highest EU standards, Craiova Airport is attracting passengers from Oltenia’s 2.3 million inhabitants, the US and NATO bases nearby which host thousands of soldiers, and even from neighbouring Bulgaria.

With the support of domestic and EU finances, as well as potential investors, the management plans the building of cargo space, further modernization of its infrastructure, and extension of the stationary platform from four to ten parking places, reaching a surface of 15.000 square meters.

Craiova Airport
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