Local Firm Working to Upgrade Construction Sector

CO1 Rroku Construction

CO 1 RROKU CONSTRUKSION has 15 years of experience in completing major construction projects for the public and private sectors in Albania. CO 1 RROKU CONSTRUKSION contributed to Albania’s reconstruction of public buildings between 1995 and 2000, and since then it has been focusing on building residential property. CO 1 RROKU CONSTRUKSION’s projects include 120,000 sqm of apartment buildings, and the company will soon begin three more apartment projects totaling 50,000 sqm. “We have financed all our projects with our own capital and have not needed the assistance of local banks,” says Viktor Caushi, President.

Viktor Caushi urges his country’s political leaders to work together to develop a world-class business environment for all sectors in Albania. As for the construction sector, he says, “Construction permits should be given more frequently to legitimate companies in order to make the sector’s growth more effective.”

Once construction restrictions are lifted, CO 1 RROKU CONSTRUKSION welcomes the chance to form partnerships with foreign companies and investors concerning construction projects in Albania. Viktor Caushi concludes, “Our partners can be sure that CO 1 RROKU is well qualified and has the experience to meet high standards, and Albania has the potential to become the most competitive market in the region.”

CO1 Rroku Construction

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